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rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Wed Jul 9 18:15:48 EDT 2014

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Kim and Don are in agreement with my premise.

If a percentage of the Amateur community keeps this "Stealth" antenna 
philosophy going, the rest of us will get shot in the foot!

I've resorted to one time, and one time only, loading a bed-spring while 
visiting my Sister-in-law for a Holiday.  Other than that, I have never 
used anything but a fully resonant antenna, and up as high as I am able 
to get it up.

Trying to "hide" it means that it isn't going to do anything useful.

I haven't had the pleasure of hooking up with Don or Kim, but hope I 
indeed do so.

I don't have problems with any neighbors, and they can plainly see the 
antenna farm without any difficulty.

Those across the street from me most likely do not.

I also agree that a compromise antenna does not always perform at all 
locations.  I've even had full size dipoles not work at another 
location, even when up at least about 35ft.  It didn't make sense.

One issue may be the starting height above sea level.  It can be a 
signal killer when you have to try and get a signal over mountain 
ridges, without regard for great propagation.

Don, I wish I had had the grinder to take that stupid 1.2" off the 
foundation!  Problem is that I'd been better off putting up the bond and 
requesting the waiver!  That's about seven feet of steel reinforced 
concrete all above ground level.

Perhaps a 20lb sledgehammer would have done it.

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Exactly right. Furthermore, even a well-working compromise antenna at one
location may not be so great at another. Let's take the example of Rob's
inverted L with ground radials in his small city lot. It puts an excellent
signal here on 160, and he is usually outstandingly strong on 75 on whatever
antenna he fits onto the same lot for that band. At the opposite extreme is
Philip, KA4KOE near Savannah . He also uses an inverted L  and as he has
described it, with a pretty fair ground radial system, but the best he has
ever managed to do at my QTH is just barely make it above the background
noise on 75 or 160, try as he might.

But I want to reiterate that we may very well be working against our own
interests when we tout such things as loaded-up rain gutters and attic
dipoles as "acceptable" or anything more than a SERIOUS compromise...  Life
in Alcatraz was a serious compromise, but most of those inmates preferred
that to the death penalty.

This statement directly below, will come to pass with dire consequences for the broader Amateur community.

I believe the constant acclaim of stealth antennas and how well their owners
BELIEVE they are working, not only gives the anti-antenna factions
ammunition, but has directly led to this stealth-by-default mentality
becoming so widely accepted throughout the amateur community.

Don k4kyv


My idea as far as a compromise antenna is a tad bit hanging straight down vertically, or perhaps bent from the intended plane of the antenna.  It sure is not to cobble some junk and try to hide it, and be better off with a "cantenna"!

Bob - N0DGN

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