[AMRadio] Valiant output

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Wed Jul 9 20:21:53 EDT 2014

I received this message from a member who sent it to me directly.  It is good information so I am pasting it to this message for all to read.


Hi Jim,

I recently rebuilt my old SB-220 amplifier.  One of the things I did was 
to replace the old coil-wrapped-around-a-resistor parasitic suppressors 
with a kit I ordered from Rich Measures, AG6K.

Rich supplies Nichrome wire for winding new suppressors.  He provides a 
small bottle of liquid (corrosive) flux and some special tin/silver 
solder.  You polish the nichrome wire with some 0000 steel wool, tin the 
tip of your iron with a little of the solder and heat up the junction 
between the copper resistor leads and the nichrome coil leads, add one 
drop of the flux, and the solder immediately flows into the joint!  It's 
almost like magic!  I don't know the chemical composition of the flux, 
but you could probably get the info from Rich.  This soldering process 
does NOT require a high temperature iron.  I use a 700 degree tip in my 
Weller WTCPT and it works beautifully.

Mike, WB0LDJ

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