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James R. La Frieda lafrieda at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 9 21:54:14 EDT 2014

No question about it, I truly enjoyed having a Triex W-55 tower with a 4 
element Yagi for 32 years which enabled me to QSO with over 300 
countries, but when it came to retire, I decided to get the hell out of

California with its grid locked freeways, with its smog and polluted 
water, and high state income taxes, and relocate to an area that had no 
fwy gridlock, clean air, clean water, and no state income taxes.

Had a big decision to make . Namely, do I purchase a home on  2.5 to 5 
acres where I could put up a 70 ft tower and a 4 el Yagi and then be 
faced with septic tanks, along with a private well that had to be 
checked periodically to

make sure that its water was not contaminated, along with using 
expensive propane, vs. purchasing a home with CC&R's on over an acre - 
that did not disallow antennas - as long as they couldn't be seen - that 
had natural gas,

county water and sewers. In sum, it didn't take too  long to decide that 
my XYL and I would prefer county water vs. a private well; that we would 
prefer natural gas vs. using expensive propane and that we would prefer

having waste delivered  to a sewer vs. having to worry about cleaning a 
septic tank every few years , and that the septic tank did not leach 
into the source of water !

In sum, there are other things that are more important to one's XYL - 
than ham radio - and when it comes to my XYL, she has always come 
_first_ before ham radio !

Bottomline: am now using a 3 ft- diameter  Hi Q Magnetic Loop Antenna 
that is 3 ft off the ground, and it works like gangbusters on 20, 15, 12 
and 10 meters, in that I can easily connect with others on the East 
Coast, in

Europe ,in Japan, and in Australia and  New Zealand.  Sure, it's not  a 
4 element  Yagi at 55 or 70 ft, but the fact of the matter is that a 3 
ft diameter Hi Q Magnetic Loop  with a loop circumference of 1.25"  is a 
very effective

HF antenna ( as you can verify at : 
http://www.66pacific.com/calculators/small_tx_loop_calc.aspx. )  with a 
radiation efficiency of:

  * 71 % on 20 meters ( 14 MHz)

  * 91 % on 15 meters ( 21 MHz)

  * 97  % on 10 meters ( 29 MHz)

In sum, Hi Q Magnetic Antennas that have been designed by Rich, K8NDS, 
which are helically wound with copper foil ,that increases the 
inductance and hence the radiation resistance,and hence radiation 
efficiency vs. a solid

copper or aluminum conductor have even higher radiation efficiency !

What was K8NDS's response to this thread re: Antenna Issues

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What limitations ? Is it that you can't have the biggest signal on the 
air; who cares as long as you can work them all.

I hate to burst your bubble guys, but I do just as well as any other 
station with my small helical loaded loops at less than 10 foot off the 
ground. I work ALL the DX that I hear
with with my helical loops. I can hear stuff that others in the area 
cannot even hear due to the low noise reception.I listen for hours and I 
hear the same stations that everyone else with their large arrays hear,
I work them with similar reports from the same DX stations.

No tower, no concrete, no permits, no neighbor issues, no wind damage 
issues, no climbing, no lightening issues (because they are so low 
compared to other objects).

I have worked thousands of DX contacts with S-7 to S-9 ++ reports, I rag 
chew with DX stations all the time,  all this on SSB,  what more can one 
ask for it is a hobby!

Oh Yes, I forgot , the XYL loves the antennas too. *:) happy


Highly recommend that you look at the QRZ.com website of Rich, K8NDS, 
and also the website of the Yahoo Group on Helical Wound Magnetic Loop 
Antennas that now has 334 members, and which is increasing in membership 
as more and more hams become aware of very effective HF
antennas that have a very small footprint, and which are great to use 
when one has CC&R's that prohibit one from having a 55 ft tower with a 4 
element Yagi.


Below is an e-mail - last week-from a ham, where a Hi Q Magnetic Loop 
Antenna was used on Field Day:

Thank you, Rich. I hope to start experimenting sometime later this week. 
I'll post more results afterwards. By the way - during field day with my 
club, one of the hams came with his mag loop antenna he made. It was a 
crude layout but did it ever work.....!!!!!!!!! He made over 100 
contacts on 15m. Even worked Russia, France, and South America with 50w 
on PSK31. His loop was 3 ft diameter. 2 ft off ground held up by 1 in 
PVC pipe stuck in a 5 gal bucket of sand. He used a air capacitor and a 
Grama match. Got 1:1 on 28.120. Everyone at my club knew I was working 
on my loop but couldn't get it working in time. His loop made believers 
out of our members. I gave several members this Yahoo group to check 
out. As you know, lots of hams don't know about how good a performance 
you can get from loops, especially your helical design :

73, Jim (N6MV)

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