[AMRadio] FW: FOR SALE: TMC amps, exciter

Jay Bromley jayw5jay at cox.net
Fri Jul 11 14:23:00 EDT 2014

Forwarded from Larry, W0OGH.  Please contact him directly...73 de

TMC 1 KW PEP amplifier with power supplies, interconnect cables in 6 ft rack
on rollers.  Originally an SBT-1K(J) model used on rtty.  The RTTY units and
VOX unit were sold separately so what remains is basically a PAL-1K.  Amp
requires less than 2W PEP to drive it to full output.  Manual says 2W PEP.
Manual(s) that pertain to it are included.  Also have a schematic that shows
what items should be changed to convert it from an 8295 PA tube to a
4CX1500B which is an equivalent and more readily available.  This unit does
not get used much as it is located remotely in the garage.  Final tube is
questionable.  I have spares but do not think that they are any better than
the one in the amp.  I am able to get 450W output in CW mode and 250W in AM
mode which is rated power under the 1 KW PEP rating.

TMC PAL-500 amp with HV power supply and interconnect cable (factory) and
manual.  Unit uses a pair of 4CX350A tubes.  Tuned properly it will put out
200W of AM carrier.  I never run it over 125W output so the equipment
doesn't stress components as they could be hard to find.  Power supply is a
bit heavy so shipping would be very costly.  Recommend pickup only.  This
unit gets used a lot as it's physically in the shack.  The 80K screen
voltage dropping resistor in the power supply was open due to a shorted
point on one of the tube sockets.  I replaced the socket and built a
suitable mounting for power resistors to replace the 80K unit as they are
not available.  Otherwise the unit is stock.  The interconnect cable between
the amp and power supply is not a common item so having a factory made one
is a bonus due to the connectors used.

$1000 for the 1 KW amp.

$1250 for the PAL-500.

I also have a TMC GPE-1A exciter that is an AM-CW-MCW exciter for these
units.  It puts out around 2W PEP and is a perfect match for the two amps
listed above.  It can be used with either Xtal or external VFO drive.  I use
it on 7293 which is the West coast AM frequency in general.  It uses a 2-4
Mc input and then multiplies to other band segments, ie; 4-8 mc, 8-16 mc and
16-32 mc.  All controls are on the front panel including a meter to monitor
your modulation in the exciter and also the output power, both of which are
adjustable from a control on the front.  Mic and Key jacks on the front
panel as well.  RF input and output are BNC type connectors on the back.  A
barrier strip on the back provides access to other audio and relay switching
contacts.  I currently use a D-104 mic and it sounds extremely good.  As the
mic connector is a 6 pin din type, if i have an extra one i will include it
with the exciter.  I will not sell the exciter until the PAL-500 or 1 KW amp
are sold.

$350 for this unit.  This equipment is in very good shape, not beaten up.

Contact info:

Gilbert, Az.  

Telegrapher at Q.com

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