[AMRadio] FS. Gates BC1-T Iron Set Plate, Mod, and Reactor

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Sun Jul 27 16:07:47 EDT 2014

Hello, I must clear out my storage. I pulled the Plate, Mod, and Reactor when removing the transmitter from the site. The Engineer powered up the transmitter into a dummy load to show me it was working before I pulled it down. The Iron has been in my storage for 10 years. The plate transformer is a Basler for Gates. 472-0624.
230Vac with a high and low primary tap.Marked as 3100v or 2335 at 710ma. each side of CT as indicated. Dual coil, open frame. The Reactor is 476-0243-000. Epoxy coated. 32hy min. at 5kv. 10kv tested. The modulation transformer is also a dual core but is buried on the shelf and I am unable to get to it and read the tag. I cannot pick or move any of these myself. I would like to sell these as a set if possible. $300 pick up only. The meter set is also available for $50, but will have to be removed from the cabinet. If someone wants the cabinet as is they can take it as well,as is. 
Located in North Adams MA.
Thanks for looking.

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