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	He deposited it in a sink hole!   That is a very sad story.
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John, WAØSTX/4

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>>>I always thought Swan radios were rather low quality. However, didn't
they once make a transceiver called something like a Swan 600 that boasted
600 W PEP input? In keeping with tradition, I understood that it wasn't very
good, either.

Kim N5OP>>>

Ah yes, one of the 'sideband for the masses' transceivers that appeared
around 1963, along with the Galaxy, Heathkit 'Hotwater' rigs and others.
Poor quality and flimsy construction. Drifted all over the place, and I
remember they didn't have RIT, aka 'clarifier', and sometimes a SSB QSO
would 'waltz' all way across the band as each op re-adjusted his receiver to
make the other station  sound best to his ears, but that also shifted his
transmit frequency, and next over, the other op did the same thing, so they
would keep moving a few hundred Hz up or down the band each  transmission as
the QSO progressed, occasionally ending up out of the band .

Unfortunately, many hams of  that era swallowed the ubiquitous peer pressure
and propaganda that one had no choice but to abandon AM and convert to SSB,
and trashed high quality, solidly built homebrew or commercially
manufactured AM transmitters to replace them with that crap, often
regretting it afterwards.

Sometime in the early 1970s, a local ham I had talked to many times on AM
during the 1960s, called me one day on slopbucket and wanted to know if I
had a plate transformer I could sell to him, to use in the power supply for
his homebrew 'leen-yar'. I asked him why he didn't use the plate transformer
from his old AM rig, which ran a pair of 100THs modulated by a pair of 805s
and put out a couple thousand volts. The whole thing was built in a 6'
rack. This guy hadn't built it  himself, but acquired it from an old timer
who had gone SK. He replied that  he had hauled the old AM rig to a field in
the back of his farm and dropped it into a  sinkhole.  I replied too bad, he
wasn't about to  get his hands on any of my stuff for any price, so he'd
better look elsewhere.

Don k4kyv

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