[AMRadio] AMRadio Digest, Vol 125, Issue 1

Eddy Swynar deswynar at xplornet.ca
Sun Jun 1 20:38:20 EDT 2014

On 2014-06-01, at 8:19 PM, Wade Staggs wrote:

> *In defense of the Heathkit HW and SB Rigs. I have never seen one that
> needed a RIT Control. Every Properly Aligned Rig of this vintage that I
> have ever owned, transmitted and received on the same frequency. Look at my
> QRZ Page, see that Scratchy Apache ... Heathkit TX0-1 ? I can promise you
> that it will Drift a Lot more than my Restored SB-101. Sorry to disagree
> but, you just can't lump my Poor Mans Collins in there with the Swan,
> Galaxy and other such Junk....*
> *                                                           73 Guys from
> Wade/KJ4WS*

Hi Wade,

Back in the early 80's I added RIT to my SB-102 NOT so much for reasons of "alignment", but rather, to chase OTHER guys up & down the band who weren't zero beat with ME, and NOT affect my own transmitted signal's frequency...

It was the BEST mod I ever executed on the rig---next to 250-HZ Fox-Tango CW filter that I added, that is...!

~73~ de Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ

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