[AMRadio] Malleable vs Forged Wire Rope Clips

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Fri Jun 6 14:07:02 EDT 2014

Those contemplating any kind of work with a guyed tower might find this

When I erected my tower 30-plus years ago, the cable clamps sold with Rohn
towers were listed as 3/16 CCM, 1/4CCM, etc.  In the current catalogue they
are listed as 3/16 CCF, 1/4 CCF etc. The ones listed in the older catalogue
were called 'malleable', but the ones in the current catalogue are 'forged'.

Avoid the junk sold at hardware stores. They are usually 'zinc-plated' and
not hot-dip galvanised. The layer of electroplated zinc coating is
minuscule, and my experience is that the clips will begin to rust in less
than a year. 

I wasn't sure about the difference between malleable and forged, and found

>>>>>>Well, I know that forged crosbys are where it's at for rigging, and
that malleable wire rope clips shouldn't be used...

Malleable metal is cast metal and tends to be brittle. Take a plumbing elbow
and hit it with a hammer, it will break easily. Forged metal is shaped by
hammering or in this case, bend by hydralics. It is a much stronger product
that will not break under load...

The main difference between forged and cast (regardless of alloy being used)
is that a forging starts as a solid piece of metal, but a casting is metal
that is melted and poured into a mold... >>>>>>


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