[AMRadio] Transformer

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sun Jun 8 14:12:24 EDT 2014

I have a couple of WRL 755 series VFOs and they are internally powered.  I 
like that for stability but my quest for a transformer is to build a similar 
power supply to power a station wide crystal calibrator.  I have a Bud box 
suitable for the power supply and a calibrator for some small National 

I now have the transformer coming and will build the supply and leave it on 
for stability reasons.  I was aware the VF-1 was powered from the equipment 
as is the Johnson 122 but I used the VF-1 as an example of what I wanted to 

I would preferred to find the old Heath Calibrator they build in a box for 
stations, but I have seen only one for sale in the past 20 years and that 
was on eBay about 15 years back.  I forget the selling price but you can 


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Yes, The VF-1 is powered from the transmitter.

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