[AMRadio] Safety wire at a premium?

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Wed Jun 11 14:13:41 EDT 2014

When I learned about safety wire, I  had to tie it by hand for the test.  Pliers, they were a luxury.


From: C.L. Mitchell 

Not just airplane nuts.  I put a lot of safety wire on green land vehicles.  Kind of nice to keep antennas screwed on and such things as radio mount clamps from backing off when running through the boonies. [Also good for tying down canvas and holding bent transit case fasteners closed.]  Never did have a pair of pliers for the wire.  Guess the Army thought our general purpose 'lineman's' pliers would work.  They did, but would have been nice to have the ones that made it easy to twist the wire.  Still got a little spool; it was excess for an inspection and had to go.
Mitch,  K9PNP

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> Only airplane nuts think of that Charlie
> Jim
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