[AMRadio] Need Valiant HV transformer

w7fe w7fe at cox.net
Thu Jun 12 02:15:13 EDT 2014

Ideally, I'd like to find a good plate transformer for my Johnson Valiant , but anything that will fit and that I can use to make 800V. at about 600 mA. would be OK.  

Here's the story:

A .01 uF, 1.5 KV-rated bypass cap at the HV connection to a small old-style molded RF choke which is in series with the main HV plate supply RF choke suddenly shorted, thus gounding the high voltage thru the choke. With a snap and a buzz, the little RF choke gave its all and dramatically caught fire. It blackened the bottom of the tall plate choke a bit, but did no electrical damage. However, before I got to the HV switch, the HV power supply transformer's primary shorted which then blew the 8A line fuse. 
What a reVOLTin' development this is.


Stu, W7FE
Henderson, NV

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