[AMRadio] 75pf air variable needed

w5sum at comcast.net w5sum at comcast.net
Thu Jun 12 06:19:13 EDT 2014

Good morning fella’s.

my run of bad luck seems to be hanging on, while tightening up the 3/8” nut on the 
75pf variable I was working with this morning, the ceramic front disintegrated!

So back to square one. I need a 75Pf air variable, 100PF MAX.  Must mount with a 
nut on the threaded shaft on front.  I can NOT use the type that mounts with two 
screws.  Must have a 1/4” shaft out the front long enough to get a knob on.

Johnson 187-4 is what I had for reference.

Anyone have one of these mighty critters they will part with?



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