[AMRadio] More tubes

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sat Jun 21 17:51:48 EDT 2014

Hi all,

I need to clean out my tube box with tubes I will never use.  As before, these were bought years ago mostly from Fred Schmidt, N4TT (Typetronics).  I have had them for enough years some of the boxes fell apart and I put them in other containers.

Preference will be given to anyone who takes the lot followed by those who take the greatest number of tubes.  Shipping will be by USPS flat rate box when possible.  If the number exceeds the flat rate box I will purchase a box from the P O and send it by weight which will approximate the flat rate box.


6AQ5  I have a bunch.  If you have a B&W 5100 (or B model) here is your chance to get the driver tubes.  Of course they are used in many receivers as audio output tubes
10     Sylvania  6005 this is the Jan version and all 10 are in sleeves of 5 so there are two sleeves.
5     GE 6005 tubes in a sleeve

2     RCA brand 6AQ5   1 Sylvania  $3.00 each

1    6GW8    The box fell apart but this is a new tube.    $14.00

5     6CL6  I have a sleeve of them and all 5 are in boxes branded National  $3.00 each

5    Sleeve of  5 6U8 tubes marked Jan.  Has the federal sticker on the boxes  $3.00 each

1    7167    This is an industrial sub for the 6EA5/6EV5  A Motorola tube in a GE box.  $2.00  
          It looks new

1    6662  This is an industrial 6BJ6   $2.00

1    12BY7    by RCA    $8.00

1    6939   by Sylvania    $15.00

1    6GN8/6EB8  Sylvania    $2.00

2    6DC6    1 Sylvania one in a government box (by Phillips-ECG)    $4.00 each

1     6GN8-6EB8 by Sylvania    $2.00

2    6BN8    Phillips/ECG in government boxes      $6.00 each
1    6BN8     RCA in a GE box        $4.00

1     6BH6    GE    $2.00

1    6BA7    RCA    $6.00

4    5R4    Jan tubes    (3 WGB version and one WGA)    $10 each

1    5R4    by GE    $7.00

The following tubes have been tested in a Western Electric tester and are marked as good or meet specs.

6L6WXT    3 Russian  $7.00 ea

6L6 GC         2 Chinese  $7.00 ea.

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