[AMRadio] Need 6146A's

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sun Jun 22 22:20:40 EDT 2014

There is a difference in the interelectrode capacitance but is is very 
little between the no suffix, the A suffix and the B version.  The problem 
occurs above 15 meters and if you neutralize the transmitter you should not 
have any trouble with the B or W versions.  No matter what version you 
choose, you should neutralize the finals after changing the tubes.  There is 
small differences in all tubes built in during manufacture so you need to 
compensate for that.

The Collins gear had a problem and issued an SB to change the value of the 
neutralizing cap, I believe.  After that there wasn't any problems.

If you are skittish about it, then use the B suffix in Audio section  in the 
B&W 5100 series and Johnson transmitters.  I have used the B version in both 
brand transmitters  in the RF section without problems.


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I have never heard of a case where 6146's and 6146A's were not
completely interchangeable. Has anyone? 6146B's are very different.

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