[AMRadio] US House Bill Requires HOAs comply with PRB-1

Rob Atkinson ranchorobbo at gmail.com
Fri Jun 27 09:18:45 EDT 2014

Folks, the idea isn't to sit back and watch or predict its doom.  The
idea in getting the message out is for you all to start contacting
your Congressional representatives and ask them to co-sign and sponsor
the bill.  Give them reasons why.   You might have a libertarian
reason i.e. a person who has to live in an area where HOA developments
are all that's available should not have to sign away his ability to
enjoy his hobby in some albeit modest way.  Or, you might have an
emergency preparedness justification, or both.

We finally got Illinois to enact a law enforcing PRB-1 but let me tell
you, it didn't happen right away.  It took a number of attempts
against organized opposition from special interest groups, but what
finally got the Governor to sign off on it was extensive grass roots
phone calls, emails, and letters from average hams all over the state.
Now we need the same thing nationally.  If y'all just set back and
watch and let the ARRL do everything then the chances are good that it
will die.  Whether you like them or not, we need to take a page from
other groups like the NRA and make noise.  That's what works.   I know
it's tempting to take it easy, especially if you are lucky enough to
be out in the sticks in some unincorporated area where you can do
anything you want.  But remember, you may not be there forever.  Like
it or not, you may some day wind up in some kind of "townhome," and
wouldn't you like to have some kind of antenna, even if it is just a
screwdriver vertical outside?



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