[AMRadio] Gonset G66B Questions

W5SUM - Ronnie w5sum at comcast.net
Sat Mar 1 20:59:22 EST 2014

I became the proud father of a Gonset G-66B Rx today when the mail man came. It has attached a power supply on the back, but it had no marking on it ( power supply)
I took the PS off and it has a 12Volt vibrator in it so I presume it IS the 12V only power supply ( it has no multiconductor plug for 117V ), but the only numbers I found on the PS when it is removed is A1986 which is not mentioned in the downloaded manual I have.

Anywho.. before I dive off into this RX are there any "do's and don'ts" about this little rig I need to know? Glen I know you have had some experience with them. 

its a cute little bugger and in quite nice shape cosmetically

Ronnie W5SUM

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