[AMRadio] Hammer tone paint

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Wed Mar 5 02:50:20 EST 2014

>>From: Ronnie Hull <w5sum at comcast.net>

Anyone have experience with hammer tone paint? Do's n dont's? >>

I once picked up about a  half dozen virgin grey hammer tone rack panels at
a hamfest, each with the protective paper still intact.

 IMO, hammer tone has to be the ugliest finish ever concocted, nothing I
would  want to see on any of my equipment, so I re-painted them all black
wrinkle.  I brushed on a thin coat of liquid stripper AKA "deglosser" over
the original hammer tone finish, just enough to soften the surface and make
it slightly tacky. Then I sprayed on two heavy coats of black wrinkle  and
laid the panels out in the warm afternoon sun. When the wrinkles had
thoroughly formed, I brought the panels back inside to finish drying . The
original hammer tone paint made an excellent primer for the black wrinkle.

Don k4kyv

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