[AMRadio] W1AW/7

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Thu Mar 6 13:38:49 EST 2014

Maybe I  have missed something, but what is with the W1AW portable stations
all over the country?

I heard one on 160m SSB  the other night calling CQ. Sounded just like a
contester, with the same frantic voice intonation. I believe it was
recorded, because every little minor voice inflexion was exactly the same
each time he made the call. Not to be interpreted as bashing automated CQ
calls; I use an automated CQ calling system myself on AM, and haven't made a
live CQ call over the air in several years.

I doubt that ARRL has set up their own portable stations nationwide, so it
must  be regular hams operating their own stations, using special call
signs.  I get ARRL Letter via e-mail, as well as QST by snail mail, but I
must have missed the announcement.

Don k4kyv

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