[AMRadio] Crystal Filter adjustment procedures

Chris Kepus ckepus at comcast.net
Sun Mar 30 13:24:56 EDT 2014

Hi Jim,
I would like to participate in your effort.  I have a 51J4. I know that
something is not right about the way the crystal filter is operating so your
effort is motivating me to get to it and see if an alignment will fix the
problem. It's one of the few receivers that has both a crystal filter and
mechanical filters. I would be more than interested and willing to align it
per the Collins procedure, QST's recently published procedure, and the one
you've developed.  
Thanks for your extra efforts!

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I'm involved in a discussion with the Editor and the Senior Assistant
Technical Editor of QST and the author about the article published in the
April issue of QST, "Crystal Phasing."  I've tried the procedure outlined in
the article under "Adjusting the Crystal Resonator Filter," and I've not
been able to make it work.  I've written up an alternate procedure that I
believe will work on any receiver of any make  that uses a vintage crystal
I need some volunteers to try both procedures.  It is entirely possible that
I'm mistaken about the QST procedure, and I'd like to know that if I am.
I'd also like to know if my procedure works, and I'd appreciate suggestions
about how to make it better.  It may eventually show up as a Technical Note
in QST if the folks there can be convinced that there is a problem with the
one that they published.  
If you have a receiver with a vintage crystal filter, any make, and you
would be willing to spend a little time trying out these two procedures,
please let me know.  I will respond with an email containing a copy of the
QST article and a copy of my proposed procedure.  I will report your
results, whatever they may be, to the folks at QST.  
Thanks very much,
Jim Hanlon, W8KGI 

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