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Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Mon Mar 31 18:10:42 EDT 2014

Years ago I had to switch my list membership from my Hotmail account to my
ISP account because the server would no longer accept my posts using
Hotmail. Then, about a year ago posts from my ISP account started bouncing
because they "looked like SPAM".   I think Jim tweaked something so they
would get through, but he said that might create some new problems, I forget
what, maybe a time delay, but it's worked fine ever since. 

Sometimes ePay won't let me view certain items, usually military surplus,
saying that importation of those items into "my country" may violate local
laws, so they have blocked access, even though I am located in the middle of
the USA and the items for sale were of USA origin. A few months ago it
wouldn't  let me view the listing for a BC-610. I tried to contact ePay to
find out what the problem was, but never could get them to  respond to my
query. I suppose they think I'm a terrorist or something. I can get around
it by using my wife's log-in on the computer, and I rarely do business via
ePay anyway.

Don k4kyv

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