[AMRadio] Museum collection of historic radio equipment about to be dumped. Can it be saved?

Paul Baldock paul at paulbaldock.com
Wed May 7 19:16:01 EDT 2014

Have you tried contacting Bob Heil K9EID, or his buddy Joe Walsh WB6ACU ?

- Paul

At 10:58 AM 5/7/2014, you wrote:
>The following message was forwarded to me from Jerry Proc VE3FAB (E-mail:
>jerry.proc at sympatico.ca Web: http://jproc.ca )
>This is a distress call to all enthusiasts of radio and radio history. The
>Radio Museum of Québec located in Sorel, Québec is in deep trouble. Some
>time ago , they had to vacate the existing premises where the radio
>collection was located. All artefacts were put into storage but no suitable
>site was ever found. Now the owner wants his tractor trailers back, all six
>of them.
>The message below, sent a few weeks ago, did not result in a solution to
>save the radio collection at Musée Québécois de la radio inc. If a solution
>is not found within the next few days, the complete collection will go to
>the trash and will disappear at the end of the month. The collection is
>impressive. It contains over 1900 pieces of radio equipment and over three
>quarters of a million pages of documentation. The collection is presently
>stored on 130 pallets in six 53-foot trailers. The trailers are on loan and
>must be returned on the 31st of May. If storage space is not found, the
>entire collection could end up in the landfill. It was impossible to find a
>temporary warehouse for the collection. One solution was to purchase three
>or four used 53-foot trailers but the fund raising attempt did not generate
>enough funds. That option would have required at least $7,500.
>Does anyone have any suggestions ? If no solution is found, can we save the
>collection by offering it to other museums in Canada? What to do on the 31st
>of May ? Open the trailers, let anyone take anything they want, and let the
>rest go to the dump? Return the trailers to the owners with the collection
>inside? The owner will certainly take the collection to the dump and invoice
>the Museum for the cost of disposal.
>Here are the options:
>Find a storage solution before the end of May
>Donate the collection to other museums (must be picked up before the end of
>Let anyone take what they want and send the rest to the dump
>Send the entire collection to the dump
>Abandoning the collection by returning the trailers with the collection
>If you have any suggestions, or if you can help, please contact Jacques
>Hamel, VE2DJQ at: museeradio at videotron.ca
>Sorel-Tracy is within 75 kilometres (47 mi) of both Montréal and
>Trois-Rivières, and is easily accessible via Autoroute 30 from the west and
>via Route 132 from the east and west.
>A similar situation arose in Adelaide, South Australia two years ago when a
>local Council refused to renew an Aircraft & Radio Communications museum
>building lease because the dated building (owned by the Council!!) did not
>comply with 2012 Workplace Health & Safety Regulations. The cost of any
>alterations was expected to be borne by the museum; same situation: not
>enough funds raised to do that. The outcome was that the museum was closed
>on the due date; the museum committee contacted other museums around
>Australia plus authentic amateur radio clubs & some ''selected individuals''
>(so items did not finish up on eBay!!) & as many items as possible were
>dispersed that way. The remainder was dumped. That was the second
>wireless/radio/communications museum in this State to go that route. The
>Postmaster Generals Department wireless, signalling & commucation museum
>right in the middle of the Adelaide CBD was evicted due to property demand.
>The collection was broken up with most still stored in a caring individual's
>warehouse some 20 years later.
>Don k4kyv
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