[AMRadio] Museum collection of historic radio equipment about to be dumped. Can it be saved?

manualman at juno.com manualman at juno.com
Wed May 7 21:06:43 EDT 2014

You have the Hammond Museum of Radio in Ontario:

You can the Manitoba Radio Museum:

You have SPARC in B.C.:

You have the Military Communications and Electronics Museum in Ontario:

You have the Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ontario:

There may be others in your country.

If none of them want the stuff, have an "open trailer" day and give the
stuff away. Whatever is left, dump it.

Pete, wa2cwa

> At 10:58 AM 5/7/2014, you wrote:
> >The following message was forwarded to me from Jerry Proc VE3FAB 
> (E-mail:
> >jerry.proc at sympatico.ca Web: http://jproc.ca )
> >
> >This is a distress call to all enthusiasts of radio and radio 
> history. The
> >Radio Museum of Québec located in Sorel, Québec is in deep trouble. 
> Some
> >time ago , they had to vacate the existing premises where the 
> radio
> >collection was located. All artefacts were put into storage but no 
> suitable
> >site was ever found. Now the owner wants his tractor trailers back, 
> all six
> >of them.
> >
> >The message below, sent a few weeks ago, did not result in a 
> solution to
> >save the radio collection at Musée Québécois de la radio inc. If a 
> solution
> >is not found within the next few days, the complete collection will 
> go to
> >the trash and will disappear at the end of the month. The 
> collection is
> >impressive. It contains over 1900 pieces of radio equipment and 
> over three
> >quarters of a million pages of documentation. The collection is 
> presently
> >stored on 130 pallets in six 53-foot trailers. The trailers are on 
> loan and
> >must be returned on the 31st of May. If storage space is not found, 
> the
> >entire collection could end up in the landfill. It was impossible 
> to find a
> >temporary warehouse for the collection. One solution was to 
> purchase three
> >or four used 53-foot trailers but the fund raising attempt did not 
> generate
> >enough funds. That option would have required at least $7,500.
> >
> >Does anyone have any suggestions ? If no solution is found, can we 
> save the
> >collection by offering it to other museums in Canada? What to do on 
> the 31st
> >of May ? Open the trailers, let anyone take anything they want, and 
> let the
> >rest go to the dump? Return the trailers to the owners with the 
> collection
> >inside? The owner will certainly take the collection to the dump 
> and invoice
> >the Museum for the cost of disposal.
> >
> >Here are the options:
> >
> >Find a storage solution before the end of May
> >
> >Donate the collection to other museums (must be picked up before 
> the end of
> >May)
> >
> >Let anyone take what they want and send the rest to the dump
> >
> >Send the entire collection to the dump
> >
> >Abandoning the collection by returning the trailers with the 
> collection
> >inside
> >
> >If you have any suggestions, or if you can help, please contact 
> Jacques
> >Hamel, VE2DJQ at: museeradio at videotron.ca
> >Sorel-Tracy is within 75 kilometres (47 mi) of both Montréal and
> >Trois-Rivières, and is easily accessible via Autoroute 30 from the 
> west and
> >via Route 132 from the east and west.
> >
> >A similar situation arose in Adelaide, South Australia two years 
> ago when a
> >local Council refused to renew an Aircraft & Radio Communications 
> museum
> >building lease because the dated building (owned by the Council!!) 
> did not
> >comply with 2012 Workplace Health & Safety Regulations. The cost of 
> any
> >alterations was expected to be borne by the museum; same situation: 
> not
> >enough funds raised to do that. The outcome was that the museum was 
> closed
> >on the due date; the museum committee contacted other museums 
> around
> >Australia plus authentic amateur radio clubs & some ''selected 
> individuals''
> >(so items did not finish up on eBay!!) & as many items as possible 
> were
> >dispersed that way. The remainder was dumped. That was the second
> >wireless/radio/communications museum in this State to go that 
> route. The
> >Postmaster Generals Department wireless, signalling & commucation 
> museum
> >right in the middle of the Adelaide CBD was evicted due to property 
> demand.
> >The collection was broken up with most still stored in a caring 
> individual's
> >warehouse some 20 years later.
> >
> >
> >Don k4kyv

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