[AMRadio] Museum collection of historic radio equipment about to be

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Fri May 9 23:21:17 EDT 2014

>>>From: Rick Poole WA1RKT
Just got confirmation back from the president of the museum.  They have a
reprieve until August 16, and that is all.  There is no permanent solution
yet on the horizon.>>>

>From the photos and articles in the above links, this was not a pile of
grungy old ham radio junk that would have otherwise been tossed into a
dumpster, but a first-class museum. Some of the artefacts shown in the
photos rank among the most sought-after items for vintage/antique radio
enthusiasts.  I'm surprised the place wasn't mobbed by would-be collectors
from all over the world the moment the story began to circulate, and I
certainly can't comprehend the thought of hauling it all to the landfill.
Some items, like the Hellschreiber alone, for example, would fetch big
bucks. It's hard to believe that 10 years ago they had accumulated over $56k
in commitments for the permanent museum, and that anyone would even
entertain the idea of trashing it all over a lousy $7500.

Don k4kyv

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