[AMRadio] FREE Bauer Transmitter

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Mon May 26 14:33:56 EDT 2014

I received this via e-mail, and thought I'd pass it along, just in case
someone might be interested. Please direct all correspondence to the contact
information below; after reading the message you will know as much about it
as I do...

A 5kw BAUER 5000J transmitter, last used in 1994.  Appears complete and has
a home-brew cutback unit on the side to take 5kw to 300w for night use.  The
current station owner bought the station in 2003 and it was gathering dust
then, any details on operability or condition are lost to bankruptcy and

Up until last week, it was no big deal (well, it IS a big box) but now we
need the floor space for another transmitter install.  Let's talk - free to
a good home. 

I have posted this to Barry's BDR Equipment listing, but I wanted to get it
in front of everyone to try and clean out my clients building as soon as
possible.  Hopefully someone will need this for parts or use. I have also
talked to Paul Gregg, he suggests putting out the word and seeing what comes
up, it's not an item he has a use for at the moment. 

Jim "Turbo" Turvaville 
Turbo Technical Services 
Colorado Springs, CO 
PH: 719-459-1859 

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