[AMRadio] 10 meters

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Thu May 29 13:34:24 EDT 2014

>>>The low end of 10 meters is full of the CB types.  Where is the FCC?


The same place they are when the 3892 (now 3890) knuckle-draggers dump
unidentified digital trash onto 3885 in a feeble attempt to run off the

The best way to cope with 10m interlopers is to fire up a legal  ham rig and
blast them off the air with a CQ or call to another station. It's especially
fun when another ham responds and you can carry on a QSO over  them.  Last
sunspot  cycle I used only an Eico 720 and a simple ground plane antenna. I
even received threats of bodily harm, to which I responded 'bring it on'.
With CW, they would  sometimes go into a rage over the 'beepers' coming on
'their' frequency.

Just make sure it is indeed a bootleg CB operator and not a legitimate ham,
particularly when the conversation is in Spanish.

I seldom operate the radio during the daylight hours, and 90% of the few
times I have listened on the band it has been dead, so I have yet to
resurrect the 10m rig this time round.  

Don k4kyv

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