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Sat May 31 09:28:53 EDT 2014

In addition to the Siltronix line, does anybody know if they also made a solid state rig under the name of Kachina?  I traded for one of these in the 80's, it covered 27 to 54 Mhz, was SSB, can't remember if it had CW, and ran 100 watts out.  Always thought it was connected to Swan because it had that famous Swan main tuning dial mechanism.  After I repaired it and tried it a few times, traded it for something else.  I was never a big Swan operator, but Swan gear has come and gone by chance over the years from the  single bander SSB rig for 75 meters that had the mod in it to make it a dual bander with 20, a couple 350 series, and 250 6 meter rig series, which I still have one each of.  Have a story about trying to call Swan on a lark one time in the early 90's.  Think they were kaput by then, but was repairing a 400H series channelized HF rig at work and needed a part.  On the chance they still maintained a non-public presence, called their number and
 got a recording that went, "Hello, this is Bob and Gail Jones' residence, THIS IS NOT SWAN ELECTRONICS!".  Guess they got a call more than once.

Charlie, W4MEC in NC

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