[AMRadio] Tektronix repair

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Mon Nov 3 22:06:35 EST 2014

Thanks for the suggestions guys.  But (a big word), the scope I have in mind 
is a 485 and  I am sort of attached to it and have the cart for it.  I 
believe it is a 350 Mc scope and works fine other than the traces do not 
respond to the position control properly.  I really can't tell you why I 
want it fixed but just thought if I could find someone, I would do it.

As for repairing things now a days, it is difficult Mike.  I have trouble 
keeping from burning wires in my Champion or King.  Not only that my eyes 
are not what they were even a year ago.  Believe me it is hell getting old 
but it is sort of fun, but not in cases like this.  I do have the manuals 
for it but have trouble with reading it.

Tnx and 73 guys


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Not to play pile on, but I have done repairs on many of Tektronix equipment.
If you have the service manual, then you are in shape to fix it yourself. At
least in my opinion, Tek manuals were the best in the business. I used to
repair their old copiers, printers, plotters, scopes, digital terminals etc.
If I were you, I would take a shot at it myself.


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Unless you are a collector who wants a working vintage scope, the chances of
this being economical are slim and none. You can almost certainly go buy a
good working scope for less than the repair cost of the ones you have. It's
a 2014 harsh reality.

73 de N3RHT

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