[AMRadio] Speakers

Rob Atkinson ranchorobbo at gmail.com
Fri Oct 3 19:35:42 EDT 2014

I've had good luck getting 12 inch full range speakers at hamfests
around here.  not sure if you can wait for hamfest season or not Jim,
but I've paid 2 or 3 dollars each.  Eyeball the cone and bring an ohm
meter to make sure the coil isn't open.  What I am writing about are
the plain old 60 cycle to 10 or 12 kc permanent magnet 10 to 20 watt
speakers that used to be in old console stereos in the '50s and '60s.
Zenith, GE, Jensen, RCA, CTS all made a million of them.  CTS made
them for some manufacturers.   Usually 8 ohm, EV made 16 ohms.  I am
not sure if 10 inchers are as easy to find as I wasn't looking for
them but I imagine they are out there at hamfests also.



>> Does anyone know of a source for a 10 inch speaker, either full
>> range or midrange for my speaker box?  Parts Express only has 8 or
>> 12 and I can't think of anyone else with a broad selection.  I
>> should mention that price is a question.  Most I find are over 100
>> dollars and some up to 400 dollars, they are not in my price range.
>> Jim
>> W5JO

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