[AMRadio] Globe King 500C Power Supply/VFO Panel

Don Cunningham DonC at martineer.net
Fri Oct 3 21:39:26 EDT 2014

I am going to restore a Globe King 500 I found this summer over the 
winter.  I also have gotten lucky recently and found a nice 755A VFO.  
If someone has the panel off a 500C power supply/VFO that they are not 
going to use, I would like to buy it so I can just install the "innards" 
and dial of my VFO into that panel and my power supply chassis.  I don't 
need ANY more clutter on the desk if I can help it, and this looks like 
a nice way to do it to me.  In fact, I'd sure like to get the attached 
chassis from the power supply as well, if possible.  If you have such a 
thing, please contact me and let's see if we can come to an 
arrangement.  My Globe King appears to be in pretty fair shape, and 
should make a nice addition to the shack.
73, and thanks,

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