[AMRadio] 40 mtr AM open

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Wed Oct 22 12:35:49 EDT 2014

We must remain aware that other 40m frequencies exist besides 7285-90-95.
The broadcasters have thinned out in  recent years, to the point that
swathes of QRM-free open space can often be found between 7200 and 7280,
particularly around 7225, even during peak evening operating hours in N.

The most obnoxious broadcaster ever has to be that one that comes on at 0400
GMT on 7295, starting off with nerve-grating martial sounding music and
then switching to a middle eastern language  with Islamic prayer call. That
thing's lower sideband wipes out everything above 7280. I  wonder if anyone
has figured out where it comes from. Their signal practically paralyses the
front end of my receiver.

And, we mustn't forget the longtime AM operating frequency in the vicinity
of 7160. It was pretty much abandoned as the broadcasters gradually crowded
out amateur activity in that part of the band during the 80s, but when most
broadcast stations vacated 7100-7200 a few years ago, a substantial amount
of AM activity quickly returned. Unfortunately, once the initial novelty
wore off, AMers gradually, one at a time, migrated back to their old
stomping grounds and AM activity began to dwindle. Now, it is rare to hear
any AM activity at all near that frequency other than some operation out of
5-land during the daylight hours. 

The same thing happened in the lower end of 75m after the FCC expanded the
phone band.

Don k4kyv

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