[AMRadio] Small RF Amp ideas

Paul Baldock paul at paulbaldock.com
Wed Oct 22 13:35:53 EDT 2014

At 10:20 AM 10/22/2014, you wrote:
>I am currently using a Kenwood TS-2000 on AM.

The AM on my TS2000 is excellent, and produces 100W PEP.

>It puts out 25W on AM. The modulation is pathetic, but this is what 
>I have to live with due to physical issues.  If I can get that 25W 
>to about 100, then I'll get a much better signal out of the Amp 
>Supply LK-500ZB.

25W AM is 100W PEP. This should easily drive your amp to 250W carrier 
and 1KWPEP. Remember to tune your amp for maximum PEP with full 
audio, NOT for maximum carrier

- Paul

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