[AMRadio] : ART-13?

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Fri Oct 24 14:10:28 EDT 2014

H  have to agree with Lee, despite being an ardent MIL collector and 
user.   As a 16 year old, along with a ham school buddy, we  started 
on a Friday evening after dinner, to build a DX-100 that had been 
ordered by a handicapped friend.  By 5 a.m. on Saturday morning we 
had it completed!  (only defect was a bandswitch wafer 180 degrees 
off, which we corrected).  We weren't looking to break any 
construction record - just thrilled to be assembling the foremost 
product of it's day, with an all copper chassis yet.  We "burned in" 
the rig a few weeks prior to giving it to it's owner. What a joy to 
operate it!  With a borrowed dynamic mike from the High School 
audio/visual shop, we had a great time on 15 meters AM, in addition 
to CW on 80/40.  By the time I was older and had money, it was no 
longer available as a kit.

OK... now, 57 years later, in helping a family dispose of their ham 
father's gear, I see in a dusty basement corner under a bench a 
DX-100!  Covered in dust, unused for decades and needing a bath (who 
knows what else?).  I load it in the van with the other gear and 
prepare it all for our regional hamfest.  But I have to find out if 
the forgotten icon still works.  It's on the bench now..     Anyone 
have a DX-100B cabinet with the top lid? ;-)

Perry  w8au

At 12:26 PM 10/24/2014, L L bahr w0vt wrote:
>What an ignorant remark!  The DX-100 was a masterpiece.  I am not 
>knocking the ART-13, but for ham use the DX-100 was one of the most 
>successful ham transmitters ever produced. It probably outsold every 
>other ham transmitter in it's class.  Today it is still prized by 
>many.  When new it sold for around $190 and has extremely well built 
>transformers.  6146 finals in it are almost an industry standard. A 
>DX-100 is much more usable on ham bands then an ART-13.  Put the ART 
>in a museum or use it as a parts rig.
>Lee, w0vt
>"The DX-100 and an ART-13 are not comparable. That's like trying to
>compare a Yugo to a Top of the line Mercedes."

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