[AMRadio] Old Solder

Michael D. Harmon mharmon at att.net
Wed Apr 1 08:58:38 EDT 2015

I thought I'd throw in my two cents worth.

I have a couple of 'hockey-puck' plastic boxes of Kester rosin soldering 
paste.  I do a lot of work on old boatanchor gear, and I use it all the 
time when soldering (or de-soldering) old connections that have turned 
gray and oxidized with age.  I dip the iron tip in the rosin and apply a 
little fresh solder and the old solder usually melts instantly.  The key 
is having a scrupulously clean tip.  Any crud or oxidation on the tip 
from letting it set too long will prevent the proper heat transfer.  I 
use a wet cellulose sponge (NOT plastic foam!) and a stainless steel 
'scrubbie' in a cup for keeping the tip nice and clean.

Mike, WB0LDJ

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