[AMRadio] The FCC's "Ham Guy" to Retire on April 3

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Thu Apr 2 22:10:21 EDT 2015

Bill Cross was Johnny Johnston's flunky during the AM power debacle.  He
tried to play "good cop / bad cop" game, even going so far as to subscribe
to Electric Radio, but never veered very far from the official party line
even after his boss retired and he took over the position. But at least, his
tenure after Johnston's retirement marked the end of the docket-a-month era,
and we haven't seen much in the way of anti-AM proposals from the FCC in a
long time. But God only knows what we will get as a replacement in charge of
amateur  radio rulemaking, especially considering all  the DIGITAL hype we
are seeing these days.

Don k4kyv


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