[AMRadio] The FCC's "Ham Guy" to Retire on April 3

Rob Atkinson ranchorobbo at gmail.com
Fri Apr 3 16:10:13 EDT 2015

The ARRL's "regulation by bandwidth" proposal would have been the end
of AM as we know it.  I won't get into the whole blow by blow here.
Anyone who operates AM with 90% of all the AM rigs out there knows
that having -6 dB at 3 kc on each side of carrier would have been a
nightmare.  Maybe it was 9 kc, but same nightmare.

"bandwidth" is and was not the problem.  We're doing okay keeping a
reasonable bandwidth.  Yes there are a handful of egregiously wide
analog problems and scofflaws  but those are only a few out of tens of
thousands of active hams.   The problem is that digital "white noise"
is not a good neighbor right alongside or on top of an analog QSO, and
they don't have to ID in a way that can be detected by a ham with a
regular superhet receiver so you can't even contact them to inform
them of their inconsiderate operating.  There should either be some
sort of analog ID requirement, or they should be in their own sub-band
by mode, not bandwidth.  Digital Mode in this context means any high
speed data rate; not 60 wpm baudot RTTY for example.



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