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rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Fri Apr 3 17:22:51 EDT 2015


Welcome to The realm of Amateur Radio Operators!

Personally, I accept *YOU* into the community!

I did have to take the code test.  However, I do *not* hold it against 
anyone whom didn't have to!

I managed to squeeze in getting licensed during service to Uncle Sam.

That goes back to 1980.  I managed my Novice in June, then took the 
drive to Atlanta on 31 Oct 1980.

I had no problem with the tests, either written or code.

I had managed to get enough time on the air to get my code up to 35WPM 
with a Nye-Viking straight key.  [ Yes, it was work at first.  Then it 
simply became second nature! ]

I no longer have the herd of Boat Anchors that I once had.

Physically I am no longer able to deal with heavy transmitters and 

I do have two receivers that I will keep as long as I operate. One is a 
Northern Radio Variant SP-600.  The second was an absolute fluke!  One 
individual posted on THIS list regarding a receiver that I thought I'd 
never get my hands on.

I jumped on it in Spring of 2013.  It is a wonderful HRO-50-T1.

I spent hours going through the re-capping and alignment.  It is on the 
bench again to *finally* replace the out of spec resistors that are tied 
to any grid.

I now operate a "Plastic Radio", not by choice, but by physical 
limitation of complete spinal arthritis.

You sir, are MORE than welcome to the Community!

Sincerest Regards, Bob - N0DGN
Manassas, VA

On 4/3/2015 4:49 PM, Mike Bracey wrote:
> Hi Norb,
> After reading your email I felt inclined to reply. In 1963 I was in junior high and became interested in SWL I found an SX28 and built a couple of 30' wooden poles and put up a homebrew dipole. I loved it and became interested In ham radio. I tried to teach myself code but due to school band and other things I never made it. In high school I took electronics and have restored old radios and jukeboxes for years. After I retired I decided to finally get my license. My interest has always been boat anchors and AM. Well, to my surprise I found that the code test was no longer required. I quickly passed the Tech test and then the General. I have a house full of boat anchors now that I restore and enjoy. Life is good. Imagine my surprise to find that I'll never be excepted because I'm a "no code ham". And we no code hams are nothing but appliance operators. I've read on about every web forum how sorry we are and don't deserve to be here because we are third class citizens. Hams that I met as a teenager were the nicest guys that you would ever want to know. I wonder what has happened to this hobby over the years. A lot of the old timers wonder why the hobby seems to be declining. Maybe they should ask themselves what they have done to promote it. I generally lurk on these forums because If I ask a question I may be derided as a stupid no code ham.Alright, I'll get off my soapbox and get back in my place.
> Mike / KE5YTV

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