[AMRadio] The FCC's "Ham Guy" to Retire on April 3

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Fri Apr 3 22:57:51 EDT 2015

> The OM was against CW.? Go back and read the old screeds by him about
> the "newfangled CW."
> Rob  K5UJ

That was in  reference to spark vs CW.  "CW" means continuous wave, not
limited to  Morse telegraphy. Spark was a damped wave and therefore not
continuous, whose decrement was a function of the Q of the antenna and
transmitter coupling circuits.  AM and FM are forms of CW since they
transmit with a continuous carrier wave.  In ham jargon, "CW" for Morse code
radiotelegraphy is actually a misnomer, but it caught on and  with popular
usage became the standard term, which soon  spread to other services beyond
amateur radio.

Don k4kyv

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