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I noticed the same thing in the QST correspondence.  It seems to me that the letters are carefully picked to put arrl in a good light.
Joe, w3umx in Pa. 

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 Well, this is a discussion type that usually gets out of hand.  There is room in this hobby for many pursuits.  Mine do not have anything to do with typing on a computer hooked to a radio, but I did run RTTY in the late 60's and early seventies with all homebrew gear and a temperamental TTY machine, which I still have functioning.  That was a challenge to me.  A laptop, cable, and a radio with no knobs is quite boring. Would seem that we need a catch all rule similar to the firearms Curio and Relic designation, and apply it to radio.  If you are using vintage gear, you  are held to the standards established when the gear was new, not current, as long as you are not a pest. 

A friend gave me a bunch of CQ mags from the 60's and I have had fun reading a lot of articles and looking at the ads.  Reading the comments sent to CQ back then, I realized there is one thing missing in QST's Correspondence from Members section lately, well worded arguments against things that the ARRL does that folks have problems with.  Something that was present in the olden days.  I have sent a couple I thought were fairly balanced and never heard anything back.  We seem to rely on all our thinking to come from a small town in Connecticut who represent approximately 23% of hams who are their membership.

Charlie, W4MEC in NC
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