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Larry Szendrei ne1s at securespeed.us
Sat Apr 4 11:14:58 EDT 2015

On 4/4/15 12:14 AM, Mike Bracey wrote:
>       Bob and Norb,
> Thank you for your kind replies. I really don't mean to sound like 
> poor little me. Bob, over the years you have answered questions and I 
> have received help from Don K4KYV. There a lot of gentlemen on the AM 
> boards. Once I asked a question on another board and the first reply I 
> received was " I can tell from your call sign that you know nothing 
> about radio". And then a few comments about us no code hams. I turned 
> away from radio for a while but finally came back. I came to realize 
> that some guys have forgotten that they weren't born with knowledge. I 
> am working on learning code because I'm really intrigued with CW.

Mike, learning the code is challenging, frustrating, rewarding, 
worthwhile, and fun! I got my licenses before no-code, and started with 
the Novice, so if I wanted to get on the air at all, code was it until I 
upgraded. I wish the that requirement was still in place, but of course 
it's irrational and stupid to hold anyone who entered amateur radio 
after the Morse code requirement responsible for the change, or think 
any less of any of them on that basis. I do think the people who entered 
the hobby after the code requirement was eliminated who never explore it 
on their own are missing out on a rewarding endeavor.

These days about 95% or more of my operating is on AM, but there are a 
few operating events in which I participate every year that are CW-only. 
In the winter I get nostalgic and operate more CW. All CW operation is 
with fairly crude homebrew stuff, as it doesn't "float my boat" to 
operate CW with a factory-made rig, whether we're talking about a 
TS-440S or Johnson Viking I (but that's just me).

In the end this is a hobby, there is a multitude of ways to enjoy it. As 
long as we respect each others' right to enjoy the amateur radio as each 
of us desires and operate accordingly, it's all good.

Glad you're one of us, Mike!


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