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rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Sun Apr 5 14:29:52 EDT 2015


I have indeed looking into the mirror!

I just had to make a concession to the Heavy Metal Transmitters.

The arthritis makes it no dang fun if I have to move 400Lbs on a moving 
man dolly on a carpeted Den/Shack.

As noted earlier - I do not wish to "live" on opiates!  They are the 
*only* thing that takes the intensity of the pain down to a level that 
is within toleration.

All the supposedly grand anti-inflammatory medications now tear up the 
GI tract.

Therefore I made that *one* concession.

I keep the SP-600 in a rack that has wheels under it.

The HRO-50-T1 will most likely end up there also, once I get all the 
resistors for all grids replaced.  It was re-capped in 2013. I finally 
ordered the carbon composition resistors via Mouser. They await 

Regards, Bob - N0DGN
(I've never been this old before!)

On 4/5/2015 2:11 PM, oldradio at comcast.net wrote:
>     It sounds like some of you are describing yourselves [new farts thinking old farts] without checking your mirror first.  Better watch out, time has a way of catching up to you.
> 73, John, K2TQN

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