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Well, I'm definitely old(ish) 67, and I love old gear, but I embrace new tech at least to some point. I don't like to have to dig through 5 menus to change what some control does but I do have a Software Defined Radio that I use for a VFO and receiver for a 813 rig out of the '55 handbook.

Just because you're old and like old gear doesn't qualify you as an Old Fart. Being so set in your ways that you can't tolerate someone who isn't like you, doesn't like what you like, doesn't think like you think, etc. etc. does. And I don't think that it's necessary to be old to be an Old Fart.

Some people just have this "already always" mode of thinking where things are already some way and will always be that way which leaves no room for possibility. 

I have 3 kids, girl-boy-girl, nurse, carrier Navy, and a cop. I see them doing things I probably wouldn't do and wonder why, but they're adults and it's a way different world than I grew up in. They're the ones who have to answer for their actions, all I can do is offer advice from a perspective of having been there done that to some extent. You all know what it was like to have your parents back seat drive after you were grown and on your own.......

My comments about narrow minded hams were directed at the crowd who will not accept others that have different likes and different qualifications. You know they're out there. 

I'm working hard to not be one of them. It's hard sometimes, Old Fartism can sneak up on you. Hopefully I'll be able to out run it bad ankles and all.

Bill AD5OL

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> On Apr 5, 2015, at 1:11 PM, oldradio at comcast.net wrote:
>   It sounds like some of you are describing yourselves [new farts thinking old farts] without checking your mirror first.  Better watch out, time has a way of catching up to you.
> 73, John, K2TQN
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> Remember the old farts are people too just stuck in an era that they refuse to leave viva to the old farts tubes are us
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