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Hi Todd, and crew...
Mr Mike called me with this sad news earlier today.  I remember listening on the R390 to what was, I think, his last checkin, to the Sat. AM mil net with the BC-610, as shortly after that I heard the 610 found a new home.  I contacted him later that morning to tell him how good he sounded up here in "one land" and told him that I could hear in the other op's voices how happy they were to hear him on the air.  While I've only gotten to know him in the past couple of years that I have been more involved with Near-Fest, in a strange way, I envy those of you who knew him longer as he seemed to be a true gentleman and one of the good guys. We all hoped that at the very least, his health would have held out for him to be with us at Near-Fest in a few weeks.  As that seemed to be less likely,  following his blog, I, as well as I'm sure others, missed him even before he was gone.
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I'm sorry to report that Warren lost his battle with cancer this morning
and has left us. Warren was an occasional poster to the list but many will
remember working him from his Tampa location where he operated a BC-610 for
many years. Others from that area will remember him as a news report for
the local Fox affiliate.

Warren was only 64. We've lost a large number of AMers in the last few
years who were in their early 60s or younger. N3DRB was in his 40s. KB3AHE
was in his early 60s. KD0HG was in his early 60s. The thinning of the herd
is happening far too fast. All of these guys were active AMers, on the air
weekly if not daily. Hopefully we can convert some of the internet AMers
into on-air AMers to fill the gaps.

RIP Warren....
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