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Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Tue Apr 7 17:36:46 EDT 2015

> I have had people tell me that they wouldn't get into ham radio because of
> bad attitude many hams have toward new people. I wonder John how many
young > people have you invited into your shack to get them interested in
ham radio? How  > m any classes have you taught on the subject? How many
people have you      
> talked to  on two meters inviting them to your clubs meetings? I am
beginning to       > think that it is you who is the problem with your
"elitist" attitude. 
> Norbert Sichterman

I invite guests to my shack from  time to time, but usually they have
already expressed some interest in ham radio or they  wouldn't be there.
Family members and others lacking that interest usually are bewildered by
all the clutter and "junk" piled from the floor to the ceiling, and appear
so claustrophobic that they can't wait to get out of the place. Things at my
shack are not exactly sparkling clean and all nice, neat and orderly. My
shack probably wouldn't make the cover photo of QST. And furthermore, there
isn't a computer screen, keyboard or mouse to be seen in my station.

As for radio classes, 2m contacts and club meetings, most kids I came in
contact with back in my school-teaching days would have found 2m CB and
amateur radio clubs boring as hell, just as I always did.  My 2m rig has
been gathering dust on the shelf for over two decades, and just about every
ham radio club meeting I ever attended bored me to tears with financial
reports, reading minutes,  selecting officers, and endless discussion of
what the club was "going to" do, but very little of what the club "was"
doing, and I never saw but a tiny few of those future projects ever get off
the ground. If anything, any ham radio club or a class I ever wasted my time
attending would have made it certain that any young person I brought along
would never dream of becoming a licensed amateur.

OTOT, I couldn't count the number of times over the years I have run into
people on the air and at hamfests, people I wouldn't have known from Adam
who told me that listening to me and my friends in QSO on 75m and 160m AM in
past years is what first got  them interested in amateur radio or what
inspired them to try the AM mode. More than one who first ventured out with
a crappy weak signal on a plastic radio ended up bitten by the bug and now
operate a "real AM" heavy metal station they put together  themselves.

Maybe, instead of boring club meetings and stuffy ham radio classes, the
best way to attract the kind of newcomers  we would really want to see enter
the hobby is to  simply operate. By that I mean maintain a good attitude and
operate AM regularly, with a good quality clean signal that can be easily
heard and that we could take pride in, and to make every effort to keep our
conversations interesting enough that aspiring newcomers would keep on
listening, and to always be helpful, polite and treat fellow hams over  the
air the same way we would want others to treat us.  

Don k4kyv

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