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rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Tue Apr 7 20:05:14 EDT 2015


I have spent my time throwing the plate switch on either a BC-610 or a 

The folks that used to get together on 7290 were very happy discussing 

None of us discussed our last two weeks of life.

The 2 mtr rig on the shelf doesn't make anyone an elitist.  I enjoyed it 
far more when I could get Tropospheric Ducting and talk to Central America.

The current status of FM repeaters leaves it more like CB than Amateur 
Radio.  What pray tell is "destinated"?  Followed by, "Call you on the 
phone after we eat."

I had a great deal of enjoyment on 2mtr AM and 2mtr SSB.

I finally have that ability again, but must get an amplifier and build 
an inexpensive Yagi to get some distance.

I've moved my share of pole pigs, built enough HV power supplies, and 
worked out all the strings of precision resistors to make a 1 mA 
movement read the correct HV.

At this moment, my shack/den won't make any page anywhere.

The vast majority of the junk is now gone, but I still have a whole 
bunch of "stuff" to go through on a final pass to being manageable.

My wife will be forever thankful when that is done.

I have piddled with an SDR Dongle.  I don't see it taking over in the shack.

There is a new addition of an active antenna for the HRO-50-T1, in lieu 
of the 150 feet of #14 solid all over the property.  Bright green sticks 
out like a sore thumb.

The gray of the Alpha-Delta multi-band wires just blends in.

The RG-213 and the RG-8A/U come out of the house and go straight up the 
center support.

The only concession to a black wire is the addition of a 40mtr 

That is only because it doesn't require tuning across the entire 
coverage.  Just a slight touch up on the Amp Supply LK-500ZB.  I have 
happily kept it going for around 15 years on the same Eimac 3-500Zs 
since I obtained the amp.

It only had one issue that kept creeping up.  One silly resistor on the 
switch between Plate Voltage versus Plate Current.  I attributed that to 
a too low wattage one put in before I got it.

Replaced it with a 1W rated one and there is no problem.

I do infrequently run SSB.  I simply can't get the folks that I began 
with in Georgia.  Then again, a very large number of those are now 
Silent Keys.

I miss every single one of them!

I too, hear those on the bands that get on an either talk forever about 
the weather or their health.  I move elsewhere.

I would much rather talk about modulation means, another type of 
antenna, or perhaps another tube radio that I can still move around.

No, I do NOT only use the computer!  I've been honing my skills with 
regard to surface mount technology.  The TS-2000 just happens to be 
built that way.  Darned if I'll take it to a shop and pay the labor 
rates!  I too can desolder and solder those pieces.

Regards, Bob - N0DGN
(I am not even going to try and spread out the message that triggered this)

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