[AMRadio] Bendix RTA-1B

Byron Tatum bjtatum1 at att.net
Mon Apr 20 11:42:27 EDT 2015

 Hello-   I brought home a fairly complete carcass of a Bendix RTA-1B transceiver recently. A lot of key parts were still there, but no dynamotors. My questions, if anyone has info or knowledge of, are these:       1. I wanted to know the transmitter B+ voltage. I would like to use the modulation transformer in a homebrew AM rig. I see the modulator uses a pair of 807's modulating another pair of 807's. I wanted to know the operating voltage, plus the specs on modulation transformer if possible.       2. Does anyone have a schematic of the transceiver? I would like to use the audio output transformer and IF transformers in a homebrew receiver. I sure would like to know the pin-out and specs on these parts.         Thank you!               Byron WA5THJ

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