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Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Fri Apr 24 17:13:28 EDT 2015

Hi Bob, I have been following this and tried to reply with your corrected address to no avail so I resort to this group and the following message.

Bob, I have been following this subject and have been trying to remember if I still had a 
kit.  It is not a Crystal Detector but may be something you 
might want to consider.

I have an RCA Oscillator-Amplifier kit that is unused.  It may be a 70's 
version because it is around one IC.  It has all of the few parts and has a 
printed circuit board included plus 12 inches of rosin core solder.

It has an output transformer to a 4 ohm speaker and would be ideal to 
amplify any low output source you may want to attach.  It would also allow 
you to demonstrate soldering techniques.  If you want it, I can send it 
along, but you will need to refresh my memory as to the mailing address.

I was slow about this because I had to find the damn thing.  I have had it 
for several years and couldn't remember which box it was in for sure.  I 
didn't want to say anything until I put my hands on it and be sure all parts 
were still there.



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From: rbethman
An individual on another list brought up points that I failed to consider!

First, I'll say that my vertical antenna concept has been tried and
tested here.  The results were excellent.

Now, putting that aside, the idea of her listening to a barrage of AM
Talk Radio does disturb me.

I'm going to switch gears.  I'm going to go a path that will be an AM/FM
kit with audio amplifier.

[ Okay - Shoot me!  It made me see what she would experience, and that
alone demands the switch!]

I can still use the Galena Detector and make an AM set just for kicks!

Now I have to search once more for that kit.  I saw it a couple of
times, but didn't keep the link.

Regards, Bob - N0DGN

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