[AMRadio] HOAs fighting antenna Parity Act proposal H.R. 1301

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Everyone...please call/write to support this.
Even if you hate HOA's , would never live in one (never say never) or think we that do or may want to are not smart....help the rest of us out...it is quick and simple!
Fact is.... Just because I am a ham should not force me to choose between a nice home in a nice community vs out in the country, or in a old area that has no HOA's. Yes, if I want to restore cars, make noise have a rock band etc...different story, don't go to HOA....but ham radio is not disturbing to others (or if there is a issue...it is fixable) and supports our nations emergency communications capability....just ask residents of areas hit hard...where hams helped out and they will tell a good story.

We are all different and want different things. Maybe some hams want to live in a older neighborhood or in town or way out of town with no restrictions...that's OK and I live there now (no HOA's) but things change and if you someday want to go to a newer community..THEY ALL have basically the same restrictions as they (the lawyers/developers)all just copy each others. To run into these CCR's it does not even have to be a new addition...this has been going on for decades.

So a ham really is stuck in most cases to older areas, towns or country.



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> Thanks for sharing your subjective
opinions but they won't change the
> fact that most hams consider this a
serious and significant issue and
> are doing something about it.
are most welcome, Rob. I haven't seen the numbers, though - can you
post how
many actually support it? With over 700K licensed hams +/- 10%,
I'd say 400K or
more would represent 'most'. I doubt that most support it,
though clearly some

> Have a nice day &

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