[AMRadio] HOAs fighting antenna Parity Act proposal H.R. 1301

Mike Sawyer w3slk at verizon.net
Fri Aug 21 06:40:35 EDT 2015

Are you kidding me?? I wouldn't support HOA's with a worn out jockstrap!
Talk about a group of  indignant people?? These people think they are judge,
jury and executioner rolled into one! One only has to look at the recent
struggle where people painted their children's swing set purple, (or is it
mauve?), in Texas(?). There are city ordinances designed to prevent run-down
homes and property. If I drop $500K on a property, the last thing I want is
to go before a board and ask permission(!) to paint my house. This goes
further than ham radio. 
Aint no way!!!!
Just my grid-leaks worth.


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