[AMRadio] HOAs fighting antenna Parity Act proposal H.R.

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Fri Aug 21 16:05:16 EDT 2015

> From: "Todd, KA1KAQ" <ka1kaq at gmail.com>

> Precisely the point. Not only are we not the same, amateur radio has never
represented a large portion of the population, but a tiny sliver. A sliver
that is 
> shrinking more each day.

> So basically the argument is - you millions of people change what you want
and what you signed, agreed, and moved into a HOA-protected development for
> - give up what you want so that a few hundred or thousand of us who
disagree can have what we want. Change the rules to suit us.

So please explain how my putting up an unobtrusive antenna, such as a dipole
strung between trees in the back yard of  my own property, in any way
injures or violates the "rights" of other residents living  down the street?
I'm not talking about putting up a 100 ft tower with full size 80m yagi in a
postage-stamp size city lot, and that's not what the Amateur Radio Parity
Act is all about.  The Parity bill would only force HOAs to word their
restrictions in such a way as to allow "reasonable accommodation" for
effective outdoor antennas, just as PRB-1 did with city ordinances and
zoning laws.  Zoning laws governing tower and antenna  installations didn't
suddenly disappear once the FCC enacted PRB-1.  

So we only have whatever "rights" that the vast majority goes along with?
Isn't that, by definition, mob rule? Before the 1960s, large swathes of the
country had Jim Crowe laws that restricted the rights of certain minorities
to live and work in certain neighbourhoods, and the majority of residents in
those localities supported those laws, even to the point of committing
violence in an attempt to preserve them.  It took federal intervention to
strike down, to change the laws to "suit" those whose rights were being
violated.  One of the reasons HOAs and CC&Rs came into existence in the
first place was to keep "those people" (whatever creed or ethnic group you
prefer to hate) out of neighbourhoods. I recall reading about a deed
restriction that was struck down in the Pacific Northwest, don't remember if
it was in Portland or Seattle, that said to the effect that the property
could not be transferred to or used by those of "Hebrew", Asian or
"Ethiopian" origin.

> Pretty pathetic... 
>It certainly explains the current political administration and prevailing
mentality in the country far better than I ever could.

If that were actually the case, I would say thank God said mentality is
beginning to prevail. 

Just my personal opinion; it's "pretty pathetic" that a licensed amateur
radio operator would oppose a very small step towards allowing fellow hams
to enjoy their hobby in a reasonable manner on a piece of property they
bought, paid for and pay taxes on.  "I've got mine and therefore don't give
a damn about anybody else."

I keep hearing that same old broken record from the pro-HOA ilk, proclaiming
that the Parity Act is just another piece of "liberal legislation" that
would allow the big bad "gub'ment" one more means to violate the sanctity of
private contracts, but if you think about it, the ongoing HOA take-over of
American property rights and petty suppression of liberty in one's own home
has to be one of the closest things we've ever had in this country to Soviet
style communism.

Don k4kyv

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