[AMRadio] HOAs fighting antenna Parity Act proposal H.R. 1301

rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Sat Aug 22 09:40:46 EDT 2015

Quoting another persons comments:

 >And it's hard to buy the argument that 'some people have no choice in 
 >area'. Somehow I don't think any HOA made the decisions for them that 
 >them to that area or whatever else.

Apparently those whom have served in the Military are some sort of "sub 

While one wears a Military Uniform, you get NO CHOICE where you get 
orders where you go next.

Yet you can, (I Have!), be stationed on a particular duty station, while 
the Housing is OFF that duty station.

Choice - ZERO, result - NO Amateur Radio operation where you are housed.

Only option is to operate on the duty station while you are on it. That 
means while you are performing your duties.

One did have the option of applying to operate of the duty station, go 
through all sort of hoops and inspections, give it over a year to year 
and a half, "maybe" get permission, "maybe" not.  If allowed, you are 
subject to random inspection of your station on a 24/7 basis.  Any 
perceived "violation", actual or not, - your entire station is 
confiscated with no chance to appeal nor have the equipment returned.  
Hmmmm, sounds like a Communist government methodology.  Yet our 
government calls them Allies!

On this basis, I will definitely be promoting H.R. 1301!

I already have issues with City Zoning stating "If you erect a tower, 
YOU must ENSURE that should it fall, it falls on YOUR property only.

These are sub acre lots.  A 50 foot tower exceeds their statement.

So you do the best you can under the conditions you are stuck with.

BTW - This was NOT a covenant, there is NO HOA, you have to go to the 
City Zoning folks and inquire as to what if any restrictions there are.  
THEN they will tell you.

Yet, they changed the noise statute for the city from no excess noise 
after 10PM, and before 8AM.  (After having purchased the house and lived 
in it for over a decade!)  Didn't even put it in the newspaper or any 
other form to allow input from the population!

Now it only applies to Construction work.

So some folks hold backyard parties that run into the wee hours of 2AM 
or 3AM, disrupt the sleep of those that have shift work, and others that 
have to get up and go to work around 4:30 AM or just a bit later.

Some individuals do have a choice, some only find out later what they 
are allowed to do.

City, County, State, and Federal regulations are already biting into the 

I definitely will do MY part to break this open!

Regards, Bob - N0DGN

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